Move emails From DBX to PST

Got any idea about how to move From DBX to PST?

Want your Outlook Express emails in MS Outlook? But the problem is, you cannot possibly get emails from one to another, for the MS Outlook does not support the DBX format (used as email file extension by the Outlook Express), it has its own format (PST) for all its data (emails and the rest alike). One way to get through this problem is to convert the DBX emails into PST, but the question is how? As none of the mentioned email client has that facility, you have to acquire one through a third party utility.

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Move From DBX to PST by the direct approach of a third party tool

To address that problem in particular, we have a solution to offer, the DBX to PST Conversion tool. It is a Windows based utility, as deft about Moving DBX to PST with a few files, as it did be with hordes of them. You did be invariably able to move out the emails From DBX to PST. With a few easy-to-follow instruction, in minutes you did safely get all the emails through the conversion process and have them viewed down in the PST format.

We have seen people being wary of any technical solution, many of them due to one’s own limited knowledge. But that would never be a worry, with the DBX to PST Conversion tool, for a user friendly graphical interface is guaranteed with this utility. Convert as many files as you want, you may convert them one by one or in batches, the speed and the result of the conversion process would be as satisfactory.

Even for a third party tool, this software would help you get familiar with the whole conversion method in no time and at the end of the day, you are definitely to emerge as a winner. You won’t even have to wait for hours, it is within minutes that you would acquire all knowledge on the subject and find out how much you are ease with this software, the demo version is highly recommended for the job.

Advantages of having this tool to move From DBX to PST

  • An easy approach
    Right from its user friendly interface to few of this instruction to convert DBX to PST, this software is all about ease.
  • An efficient conversion for all data
    The software competently manages the conversion of the email folders like drafts, deleted mails, etc. It works with wonderful precision, so as not to harm the email information (To, Bcc, received date, etc).
  • Retaining the original email properties
    You did have the email information in exactly the same position or character, as you had them in the original one. The HTML coding, font color, line width, etc are not altered.
  • You have two choices about the management of the files
    - Save all the DBX email files in one PST folder.
    - Save different DBX email files in separate PST folder.
  • Collective conversion
    This one facility would invariably come to your rescue, whenever you are worried about dealing with a huge accumulation of files, for it gets manifold of files converted at once.

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Here is finally the solution to solve one of the biggest problem at our workplace. No only me but all my collegue could vouch for this DBX to PST Conversion tool - Lexie Lawson

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